Producers want to have sex with me before giving me a movie role – Actress Chesan Nze

Beautiful Actress Chesan Nze cried out after she revealed that some producers want to sleep with her before giving her movie roles. Chesan Nze revealed that this apparently, is the reason why she barely features in movies. The actress says that most male movie producers are out to frustrate and drain female entertainers emotionally and physically. The aggrieved actress averred that she won’t name any producer now but will be forced to do that if such act continues. She wrote “This is for those producer’s who insist on sex for roles. I am simple and understanding but so many male producer’s in this industry of entertainment will frustrate you emotionally and physically, I wish to share my challenges to the world today. To be an ENTERTAINER in Nigeria without a rich background or support system will drain you mentally and physically. 90% of Nollywood is a ‘fucking industry’, 10% are genuine but the rest just want your PUSSY before they work and also use you. The reason why I barely fea…

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I have read the purported press statement of Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, Ede chapter to back up their proposed protest and denied thousands of students freedom to write their exams on Monday because the ASUP chairman wants to punish the SUG President.

Why? The SUG President deflated the tyres of a car owned by a lecturer because he parked at the roadside in front of the SUG building where there are two signposts of "No parking" because the road is curve and prone to accidents. Many students have fallen victims of road accident because moving cars find it difficult to turn easily whenever a car is parked.

The owner of the car happens to be a lecturer and a member of the Academic Staffs Union of Polytechnics, Ede chapter. The ASUP chairman was angry when he heard of the incident, drove his car to the spot of the car whose tyres were deflated and threatened the SUG President and his executives that they should deflate the tyres of his car and see what would happen to them. It was a show of shame as one could not differentiate between the students and lecturers. One of the disadvantages of young lecturers; youthful exuberance always at play.

Both parties filed petitions and they were forwarded to the panel for judgement. The panel comprises of experienced, gifted, sound and men of rare native intelligence. They warned both parties to caution their ways and allow peace to reign on campus. The caution issued to the students community was greater than the other party but the key message in all is "Peaceful Polytechnic community". Few weeks after the judgement, the ASUP chairman was angry that the panel did not punish his enemy, the SUG President and drafted a letter that he would disrupt the school calender if the SUG President is not petitioned again and the result of the panel must be positive and this only is the condition for commencement of examination.

Now Patrick Hussain, the former rector of the school would know that he was never in charge of the Polytechnic community. He was a titular leader of the community. During Patrick tenure, it was easier for lecturers to punish, suspend and expel students before the cabals were active but the new rector of the school is more interested in justice than miscarriage of justice and this is a puzzle cabals have found so difficult to solve.

Both ASUP and SUG are sister unions. It's sad that pressure groups meant to address issues are the ones creating issues to be addressed. The way ASUP chairman handles this issues made me conclude that he is truly old and his ALUTA ways are archaic. It is either he's a drop-out comrade or graduated from a weak school of thought where injustice prevails. Right to fair hearing is one of the fundamental rights of every citizen. The days of jungle justice expired with Patrick tenure.

A far look at him is deceitful but a closer look at him depicts his true personality as a Yoyo. He once failed as a student leading the union into proscription and he has failed again as an old man leading ASUP into proscription. He's outdated and needs to take a review on the basis of agitations with a clear focus.

The continuous brawl between the ASUP and SUG is unfortunate. That the older entity is immature and childish is alarming but I remain consoled with the maturity of the younger one to allow peace to reign in the Polytechnic community. The impromptu decision of ASUP to protest and accuse the rector of the school for financial misappropriation is laughable because I wonder why they have living in silence if these were true.

In every war, there are casualties and consequences but I feel sad that innocent students would serve as casualties of this supremacy battle between the duo. Thousands of students would not write their exams because two sister unions are acting like prodigals or sons and daughters of the poor who visited the house of the rich and ate mucus with food.

The institution is no more under the control of egomaniac cabals who only care about their selfish desires, the community is now in safe hands of a competent head who is fit to run its affairs without consultations. If this happened 5years ago, it would have been a different story because one power baron would have boasted that the key to Ilesa prison lies in his pocket.

If you have a wife, mother, sister and aunty yet you support this unorganized elements as they find it hard to breathe under stiff measures and watchful eyes of the management and union to simply protect the dignity of our girls from their "ruining sticks" then a troubled soul you are.

Let me state it clearly here that students are not slaves. Education is not slavery. "Don't park here" is an instruction not order or command. So sad that graduates of top universities and teachers could not comprehend. Those who hide under the umbrella of "union" to perpetuate evils are suffering from "ALUTA VIRUS" and the moment they see the cure "UNINSTALL", irrelevancy remains their watchword.

You saw a signpost clearly inscribed on it "No parking" yet you parked there knowing that the road is curve and prone to accident. There is no excuse in violating a clear order from a superior authority; the office that granted the signpost is superior than both parties.

Both parties have been warned to desist from acts that does not portray the Polytechnic community image in good limelight. Although one is proscribed after taking steps against the judgement of the panel while the other is still active because he obeyed the dictates of the panel....

Is it truly about the deflated tyres?

I sympathise with the innocent students of the Polytechnic community while I commiserate with ASUP over the proscription. Please accept my sincere condolences....

Hypocrites are users of wooden boxes as pillows, they dare not sleep well.

Apagunpote Olayimika Chocomilo



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