Woman ‘marries’ a tree in front of family and now plans to change her surname

A Mother-of-two has held her wedding ceremony with a tree and now plans to change her surname to reflect her new marital status. The 34-year-old bride identified as Kate Cunningham, decided to ‘marry’ the elder tree in Litherland’s Rimrose Valley Park as a move to raise awareness about a campaign opposing the construction of a new bypass. Kate from Melling, told the Liverpool Echo that she had a hen do the night before and now plans to change her name to Kate Rose Elder by deed poll. Kate’s family and friends looked on as the bizarre wedding ceremony was held at a park in merseyside. Kate told the Echo: “My boyfriend is very supportive of my decision. “He’s even helped make props for the ceremony. “My oldest son was initially embarrassed when I told him I was going to do it, but now he has decided to come to the ceremony. It means a lot to him to be there. “My dad has been very supportive. He’s been out in his van helping to organise everything for the big day.”

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IG comedian, Lizzy Jay accuses movie director Jimoh Abiodun of sexual abuse, he reacts

Instagram comedian, Lizzy Jay has accused Yoruba movie director, Jimoh Abiodun of sexually abusing her, but didn’t have his way.
Lizzy Jay accuses Jimoh Abiodun
She wrote:
‘you sexually abused me and you do this to many people’s daughters while you instill fear in them not to speak out. Will you be happy if anyone sexually abused your daughter?’.
According to her, the movie director is trying to destroy evidence she has against him.
Lizzy Jay accuses Jimoh Abiodun
As seen in the screenshot below, she expressed gratitude that the movie director didn’t succeed in raping her.
Lizzy Jay accuses Jimoh Abiodun

Lizzy Jay accuses Jimoh Abiodun
In reaction to the allegations from Lizzy Jay, Jimoh Abiodun shared the below message and screenshots.
“@iamlizzyjay RAPE and ATTEMPT TO RAPE are two serious allegations that should never be trivialised because the real victims are out there and they need help and people’s voice. Lizzy you don’t have to work with me to be successful in life, neither do I have to work with you to be great. If I say I can’t work with you in my team anymore, that doesn’t mean you should take your bitterness to this level. You can move on my dear and you can do great. You threw all cautions to the wind and mention my name publicly in a slander. Lizzy, you have a father, you have a brother, how would you feel if someone did this to them? I’ve got my family and people who look up to me. I have a file on every single publications you’ve made with my name in it but I’ll still stretch out this hand of alternative resolution, asking you to retract and apologise. NB: Anyone who I have had sexual intercourse with, WITHOUT their consent should speak up!”

Lizzy Jay accuses Jimoh Abiodun
Lizzy Jay accuses Jimoh Abiodun




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