Producers want to have sex with me before giving me a movie role – Actress Chesan Nze

Beautiful Actress Chesan Nze cried out after she revealed that some producers want to sleep with her before giving her movie roles. Chesan Nze revealed that this apparently, is the reason why she barely features in movies. The actress says that most male movie producers are out to frustrate and drain female entertainers emotionally and physically. The aggrieved actress averred that she won’t name any producer now but will be forced to do that if such act continues. She wrote “This is for those producer’s who insist on sex for roles. I am simple and understanding but so many male producer’s in this industry of entertainment will frustrate you emotionally and physically, I wish to share my challenges to the world today. To be an ENTERTAINER in Nigeria without a rich background or support system will drain you mentally and physically. 90% of Nollywood is a ‘fucking industry’, 10% are genuine but the rest just want your PUSSY before they work and also use you. The reason why I barely fea…

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"Do not use saliva as lubricant during sexual intercourse." - Doctor speaks

A Nigerian doctor, Victor-Bryan Nwala, has taken to his Twitter handle to enlighten the public regarding the use of saliva as lubricant during sexual intercourse.

Dr. Victor-Bryan Nwala

In a series of tweets, the doctor explained the imminent dangers of doing so.
He revealed that it could lead to serious infections, because saliva contains a lot of digestive enzymes that can prove dangerous to the Eco-system of the sexual organ.
Read the doctor's post below:

Saliva is not a lubricant!
Saliva is not a lubricant!!
Saliva is not a lubricant!!!
Saliva is not a lubricant!!!!

Do not use it during sexual intercourse.

I hope u understand this.

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— Dr. Victor-Bryan Nwala (@VibrantdVick)July 8, 2019

“The bacteria in saliva are very different than the bacteria in your vagina,” Saliva also contains digestive enzymes that break down food. When you introduce these bacteria and enzymes into your vagina 

— Dr. Victor-Bryan Nwala (@VibrantdVick)July 8, 2019

the result can upset your vaginal microbiome and leave you susceptible to developing a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.

— Dr. Victor-Bryan Nwala (@VibrantdVick)July 8, 2019

“Any STI in the throat or mouth can be transmitted to the genitals through saliva,” In other words, if your partner has an active herpes lesion for example, using their spit to make things slick could leave you with genital herpes.

— Dr. Victor-Bryan Nwala (@VibrantdVick)July 8, 2019

This scenario happens more than you might think—and it’s the most common way genital herpes is contracted. Even if you don’t see a cold sore on or around their mouth, the virus can still be transmissible.

— Dr. Victor-Bryan Nwala (@VibrantdVick)July 8, 2019

“Herpes can present with blisters or sores, but it can also present asymptomatically,”

— Dr. Victor-Bryan Nwala (@VibrantdVick)July 8, 2019

“Using saliva as lube provides a perfect storm to alter the vaginal or anal ecosystem enough to trigger one of these infections,”

— Dr. Victor-Bryan Nwala (@VibrantdVick)July 8, 2019



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